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Chosen Smart Hub/DA8817BQ
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Update date 2021-03-29 16:41

Chosen Smart Hub/



The core technology Close Drive System is a new invention of hub structure. It results in two major benefits compare with traditional hub : one is zero internal friction and second is mute of sound. Close Drive System physically closes the pawls when hub is idle, therefore, eases the friction between pawl and ratchet teeth and also ease the sound. Bicycle racers can now attack from

behind without being heard.


The key technology inside Close Drive System is; steel balls are applied to support pawls instead of steel plates. Whenever the pedal force drives the rotation of drive seat, the force also pushes steel ball out of the nest and raise pawls to engage ratchet teeth and rotate the whole hub. Once the pedal force stops, steel balls would revert to the idel position and therefore the pawls would be “closed” from engaging the ratchet teeth. Close Drive System not

only reduces the friction inside hub, it lasts longer mileage as well, due to the minimum touch between pawls and ratchet tooth. The longer mileage with thoroughly recyclable aluminum body is Chosen’s responsibility to reduce the consumption of nature resource.